Top Alternatives To UC Browser

Amidst the border escalations with China at the Galwan Valley, the Indian govt. banned 59 Chinese apps amongst which UC Browser was also included. The app was also blocked by the biggest telecom providers in the country Reliance Jio and Airtel.  We have made a list of apps you can use instead of the UC Browser. It is the second most used mobile web browser in India with a market share of 17%

  1. Google Chrome
    This is the most used mobile web browser in India with a market share of over 70%. The user interface of the browser is easy to use and offers a clean layout. It allows users to easily sync their settings across the platforms along with their bookmarks, passwords, and other information. Google had launched the browser in 2008 for Windows platform but was then later ported to the Android, Linux, and macOS platforms.

  2. Samsung Internet
    This is another to opt for is you’re looking for a browser to shift from the UC Browser. While it is relatively new in the market, it is one of the most feature packed browsers available today. It has features like native ad blocker, download manager, secret mode (incognito mode) along with many other features.

  3. Firefox
    This browser provides the same feature like the Google Chrome of multi-device sync which comes with features like ad blocker, ability to block over 2000 trackers, cookie remover etc

  4. Microsoft Edge
    After announcing Chromium Edge for the desktops, Microsoft adopted Chromium for its mobile versions as well. The app offers a better feel to the users when compared to its previous offering, the Internet Explorer which looked dated. the is browser can block third-party trackers and comes with multi-device sync that allows you to continue browsing even after switching from one device to another

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