ASUS ROG 3 Phone

Asus ROG 3 phone runs on the v10(Q) Android Operating System. The dimensions of the phone are 171mm*78mm*9.85mm. It weighs around 240 grams. In recent years, Asus is being known for gaming. Asus has launched a third-generation gaming phone that has one of the best components.
       The body of the phone is made with Gorilla glass. But, you need to be careful with the phone in wet circumstances.
       It does not have a headphone jack at the bottom.
       It has an extra USB-C port.
       It is one of the fastest phones in the market.
       The screen refresh rate of this phone is about 144 Hz.
       However, Asus does not provide many alternate profiles for display purposes. The speakers are really impressive.
       It has two speakers above and below the screen of the phone.
       It has a LED for the flashlight and photography next to the camera. Also, it has one more LED under the camera.
The design of the phone is targeted at gamers. The front and the back both are interesting. The front of the phone is plain and black. The front camera is present at the corner. The back of the phone is slippery. The phone slides on all surfaces. It is also considered as a bulky phone. It is a great choice for all those who love to play mobile games.
At the end
It is our choice whether we want to buy a model with 8 GB RAM or 12 GB RAM. It also includes air triggers. There is no notch or a hole present at the front of the screen. You can also notice a small bump between the three cameras.
It is not a perfect smartphone for everyone but it is will be a great choice for gamers. This phone will give you a great gaming experience.

ASUS ROG 3 Phone ASUS ROG 3 Phone Reviewed by Ninja Tech on July 28, 2020 Rating: 5


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