Apple Vision Pro Impressions: One Week Later

 I know — the $3,499 price tag on Apple Vision Pro is painfully expensive and will be out of the reach of most consumers, despite how cool and useful it might be. Even though I can’t stop using it after a week, it’s not yet a “got to have it” product for everyone, in the footsteps of an Apple iPhone and iPad. However, the product provides a vital, though early, glimpse of what the future will look like. That vision could take a decade or more to become mainstream, but measured against that statement, Apple Vision Pro is a triumph.

Weight, utility, and fit are all highly subjective matters that are impossible to address for the large swath of potential mainstream consumer users. I’ll concede that many users not yet familiar with the Vision Pro headset — possibly more than Apple would like to acknowledge — may find it heavy or unpleasant. It fits on my head, and its weight, which is somewhat lighter than the Meta Quest 3, has not been an issue for me.

Apple Vision Pro Impressions: One Week Later Apple Vision Pro Impressions: One Week Later Reviewed by Ninja Tech on April 04, 2024 Rating: 5

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