The Antitrust hearing of Apple

Next week will create a new history. This is because an Antitrust hearing is being held among the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. This will be held before Congress. It is done to discuss the potential and growth of giant organizations. The CEOs will defend themselves against the Antitrust committee's findings. The findings question the monopolistic practices of these large companies.

Apple will initiate a new range of questions with the App Store policies. The app developers releasing their applications on the App Store will have to pay a commission amount. This is not the case in Google Play Store or any other app store.

Moreover, the path to reach iOS users is only through Apple's App Store. To support these facts, Apple also got into a fight with app developers like Basecamp. This was against the 30% charges paid to Apple to release an application on the platform. This will certainly bring Apple to the spotlight in the Antitrust hearing.

Making a diversion

Although Apple's store policies seem to be a major talk, this could be used as a diversion from discussing other important issues. All four companies are giants in delivering explicit services to their customers. This does not come without a cost. However, Apple has its own reasons to get a commission fee from developers. This includes user experience, better search functions, quick payment methods, and more.

The only issue is that apps, audiobooks, and other features can be accessed by users only through the App Store. In fact, Audible in Apple is charging 75% to release audiobooks.
This is a study that is part of the committee's findings. This is expected to make a diversion from other issues. This could end with several arguments without resulting in a productive hearing.

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