Top Alternatives to TikTok

The Indian govt. has banned TikTok in the country along with 58 other Chinese apps. TikTok was one of the most active social media apps in the country and had over 120 million followers. The app was soon removed from the Android app store as well as the Apple App Store. The app has already been blocked by 2 of the biggest telecom providers of the country, Jio and Airtel.

  1. Chingari
    This has emerged as the top alternative for the Chinese app TikTok and it has already crossed the 1 million downloads on the app store. This is a multi-purpose platform that allows you to view news from across the world, play games, and make and share videos. The best part about the app is that it is available in regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, and Telugu apart from Hindi and English.

  2. Triller
    This is an AI-powered app where you can shoot your videos and the algorithm takes care of the editing with its auto-editing feature. The app comes with over 100 video filters, video drawings, editing features, etc. The platform also allows you to share the videos on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

  3. ShareChat
    This app has multilingual support for content in 15 languages. This social media networking app allows you to make and share videos, share Whatsapp statuses, watch funny videos in the timeline and some more features. This also has a feature as the Yahoo chat messenger had. You can create a chatroom where you can create a chatroom and meet new friends

  4. Mitron
    This app rose to fame as soon as it was launched and soon crossed the 5 million downloads milestone. The app was also caught in its fair share of controversies when it was speculated that the app could be a clone of a Pakistani app. The app was also taken down from the app store briefly but is now live again on the play store. The app has 1.2 crore monthly active users

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