Realme Buds Q

One of the key focus areas of RealMe has been the audio market ever since they have started expanding their product portfolio. They have particularly targeted the ain-ear audio market. Their current product portfolio in the segment includes Realme wired earphones, Realme Buds Wireless, and Realme Buds Air Neo with the latest addition to the stable coming in the form of Realme Buds Q. RealMe realised that they did not have a product that they could call truly wireless and also had to make a presence in a very small price bracket where they had no products. Realme Buds Q was created for the people who are not particularly fans of the stem-shaped Buds (which are inspired by the Airpods).

The product from RealMe has hit the ultra-budget segment for the truly wireless audio segment with the product being priced smartly at INR 1,999. This is still not the cheapest amongst its competition but offers better value for money elements than its competitors.

The compact form factor of the RealMe Buds Q is the first thing you notice about it, with the case being small enough to fit comfortably in any pocket since it is very lightweight as well. A small LED placed on the front of the case is the indicator which tells you the charging status of the case. However, the case has no sign of letting you know if it’s running low on juice. There is a micro-USB port on the back of the case under the hinge.

The design of the buds is nice and so is their performance. The presence of its 10 mm drivers despite the buds being feather-light and small size produce great sound. The vocals are crisp and clear while the bass is also clean with a good amount of depth in the sound that is not expected from a pair of wireless buds in this budget. They also support AAC audio codec that are missing at this price point. The RealMe buds are also water-resistant with IPX4 which is applicable only on the buds and not the casing which ensures that the buds can survive the sweat, shower, and some rain.

Realme Buds Q Realme Buds Q Reviewed by Ninja Tech on July 07, 2020 Rating: 5

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