Asus A15

Asus has launched the latest line of laptops under its TUF Gaming Series of laptops along with 2 new laptops under the ROG Series. The 2 new laptops launched are A15 and A17 which come packed with the Ryzen 4000 series processors that are based on 7nm.

Nvidia has created special Studio drivers for its Geforce GPUs to improve their performance for creative tasks like photos, videos, and 3D creation tools. The same processor which is Ryzen 7 4800H was used to check the gaming performance of the PC and the processor showed significant performance jump when compared to the AMDs previous generation of processors and Intel’s chips that are on offer in this segment.

The display which is a critical component in a gaming laptop where Asus tries to deliver as much as they can in the price bracket. The laptop gets a full HD IPS panel that has a refreshed rate of 144 Hz. which looks great on paper. This might not be an issue for the gamers in the usual gaming sessions however, this will become much more evident and could become problematic in the competitive live game streaming sessions. The display is neither too bright nor does it have the entire sRGB colour gamut. The colours of the screen are also not so great while the viewing angles are great since this is one of the signature features of the IPS panels.

The laptop comes with a 48 Whr battery which performs well with the Ryzen 7 processors since these are based on the 7nm process. The laptop lasts for 45 mins while running the gaming benchmark tests while in the office use test the laptop lasted for almost 3 hours. The laptop weighs 2.3 kgs which is not light in anyways because of the amount of copper that Asus has packed in this machine. They have these pipes run over the CPU and GPU as well as the vents on the back and side for better heat exchange.

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