Save Yourself Some Typing with These Apps

For busy people always on the go, texting is as necessary to stay connected as is difficult. If you can barely manage time in between the afternoon coffee run to make your grocery list, you know how difficult it is to take out your phone and actually type everything down. For these people, voice-to-text apps are a godsent. Even if you are not so busy but you find yourself not being able to type as fast as you think, these apps can be of great help to you. What’s more, some of these apps can even help you translate quickly.
Dragon Anywhere: This app is available on all Android and iOS devices, and is easily one of the best dictation apps today. Its accuracy is close to hundred percent and its unique technology allows it to function more quickly and accurately with time as it gets adapted to your voice. It is equipped with voice editing and formatting. There are no word limits with this app so you can use it as much as you want. The transcript notes can be shared easily through email, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Some versions of the app even allow for sync with your desktop so that you can even work on your computer without having to type.
Google Assistant: The next dictation app on our list is quite the multitasker. Apart from converting your voice to text, it also uses the voice recognition technology to perform other functions such as playing music and opening maps. It can even perform daily tasks at the command of your voice: like send messages, draft emails and add events to your calendar. You can use the IFTTT (If This Then That) method to make the google assistant perform more efficiently. It can log all of your notes into a spreadsheet, which you can refer to easily for visual retention of tasks and important details.
Transcribe: Secretaries and journalists who have a lot of conversations that need to be recorded, are the ones that can benefit the most from this app. It uses AI to convert voices and even video into text transcripts. Post recording, you can store the file in this app and later save it in DropBox or anywhere else. The only drawback of this app is its limited availability. It is only available on Apple products with Voice Memo and video.
While these are the most commonly used dictation apps, there are multiple others to help you with your specific needs and within your budget. Pick one that is suitable for you and watch your texting and storing hassles get reduced by half!

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