Explore a new teaching experience with Jio Glass

Jio is coming with new products to ensure an overall enjoyable and easy learning and digital experience for all. In the age of digitization, Jio is transforming itself to become one of the leading brands enhancing the digital experience for all its users. One such product launched by Reliance Industries Limited is the Jio Glass.
To use the Jio Glass, you need to have a Smartphone with a cable to power it. It weighs around 75 grams and comes with 25 in-built applications. This device uses mixed reality services to offer an amazing digital experience to the users.
Digitized teaching and learning
As the world is moving ahead towards a time to be dominated by digital mediums, Jio has come up with Jio Glass to enhance the teaching experience. With the help of Jio Glass, you shall be exposed to 3D virtual rooms. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can use this product.
The 3D feature of Jio Glass shall be highly beneficial for the teachers and students as it shall help in better visualisation and facilitate improved interaction.
Today one can conduct meetings on various platforms. However, Jio Glass has a very interesting feature to offer.
If you are planning for a meeting, you can use Jio Glass easily to conduct meetings and webinars. One can join on a 3D mode while the other on a 2D mode. This feature is also available for the users to enhance the convenient experience for conducting meetings.
Jio Glass is of great use and can help the users in a number of ways. With the growing trend and age of digitization, one can easily use this device to explore a fantastic digital experience. One can enjoy a complete hassle-free experience with Jio Glass.

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