Biggest Tech Acquisitions Of The Year

2018 saw some blockbuster acquisitions happen where deals worth $245 billion were signed. Red Hat was acquired by IBM for a staggering $33 billion, Qualtrics was bought by SAP for $8 billion, and CA Technologies was acquired by Broadcom for $18.9 billion in cash. 2019 however didn’t see so many sparks fly. Let us now look at some of the acquisitions that have taken place this year.

  1. Facebook buys Giphy for $400 million
    The price for the acquisition deal was estimated at $400 million by Axios when on 15 May Facebook announced that it will buy Giphy, which is a popular search library for GIFs or movable images. Facebook plans to integrate the GIF library from Giphy into Instagram since its products make everyday conversations interesting. About 25% of traffic on Giphy already comes from Instagram and the Facebook family of apps contributes to a total of 50%.

  2. SAP Digital Interconnect acquired by Sinch for 198 million pounds
    SAP’s mobile unit SAP Digital Connect (SDI) was acquired by the Swedish cloud communications company for 198 million pounds in May. Sinch offers a suite of embedded communications options for video, voice, and messaging via a set of APIs. Sinch believes that this will help them redefine how businesses engage with their customers across the world and strengthens their direct connectivity globally.

  3. NVIDIA buys Cumulus and Mellanox in a multi-billion dollar spree
    NVIDIA acquired Cumulus Networks on May 4 for an undisclosed amount and the cloud network switch and adaptor vendor Mellanox on 27 April for $6.9 billion. While Mellanox specialises in software and networking hardware for large cloud and enterprise data centres, Cumulus is a specialist in Linux based network operating system for large data centres

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