Prevent Yourself From Becoming Phishing Food

Oil is not the most valuable thing on the planet, it’s data. And companies or any online platform will siphon it on the first opportunity. This may put not only your data, but also your personal data, information, and pictures at risk along with the risk of encountering financial frauds because of stolen passwords, credit card information or through any other means. You should take all the preventive measures and ensure your and your family’s safety and security at all times. Here are a few ways in which you can recognise a phishing letter

  1. General Greetings:
    Be very suspicious if you don’t see your first and last name in the mail but instead, it starts with “Dear member, or Dear Customer”

  2. A fake sender’s address:
    Check the ‘From’ field. An email from a phisher may include an email address that is either forged or looks very similar. Read carefully

  3. Creating a false sense of urgency:
    You’ll see a threat that your account is in jeopardy if you don’t take an action right away or state a claim that an unauthorised transaction has occurred in the account

  4. Always verify and check where the link is directed to before clicking on it. Clicking on a fake/ fraudulent link could
    1. Direct you to the website of the phisher that can collect your personal data
    2. Install spyware on your system. This is an application which monitors all your activities and can send steal passwords and credit card information
    3. Can download a virus that might disable or harm your computer

  5. Deceptive URLs
    Don’t enter your passwords on similar looking URLs. A phishing URL may include the name of the company but will not be original. Eg: don’t enter your password on,, or

  6. Misspellings and bad grammar
    Phishing email will often contain incorrect grammar, misspellings, missing words, and many other flaws. These mistakes help them avoid spam filters

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