Most Downloaded Apps In The World

There are many companies that launch their apps but some of them become a super hit and have the maximum number of downloads. According to the latest report by SensorTower, the following 10 apps were the most downloaded across the world in May.

  1. TikTok
    The platform offers short-form videos. The app is raw, real, and comes without any boundaries that let you create stories as and when you want with a time limit of 15 seconds. The app allows you to live in the moment and lets you capture funny and memorable moments

  2. Zoom
    This is a free HD meeting app that allows you to share screen and video with up to 100 people at one time. The app offers high-quality screen sharing and instant messaging. This is an award-winning app that brings online meeting and video conferencing into one easy to use platform

  3. WhatsApp
    This is a free messaging app that is available for Android and iPhones. The app uses your phone’s internet connection that lets you message and call family and friends. There is no subscription fee to use the app

  4. Facebook
    The app of the famous website, it allows you to find your friends, watch live videos, save photos, and play games. The app makes it easier to find and keep up with friend’s activities and stay updates related to various activities

  5. Messenger
    This is a free group video chat, voice call, video call, and text messaging app. It has no limitations too for the number of videos that you can share or the time limit to talk to your friends. It is easy to sync messages and contacts to your Android phone to connect with anyone across the globe

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