Why choose POCO X2 when POCO F1 is a smart deal?

Xiaomi, the Chinese steamroller is known for the quality of smart phones that are made available to the people. Xiaomi is well known today and even after selling a huge number of electronics, the price of the mobile phone are cost-effective and can be easily purchased. It has been 1.5 years that Xiaomi has Launched POCO F1 and this was a phone with the best quality camera and the look. The sale of the POCO F1 is really hot, yet they are about to launch the new series of POCO X2. Let’s know the features and other details that make people choose POCO X2 over POCO F1.

If you are in touch with the trending smart phone news, you must also be aware that POCO F1 has stopped its manufacture and Xiaomi is now about to launch POCO X2. POCO F1 for a long time has been highly recommended phone as people did not have to burn their pockets to purchase this smart phone. POCO F1 has proved to be an all-rounder with 6.18 inches IPS capacitive touch screen, the plastic body with front glasses made of gorilla glasses, a thickness of 8.8mm, hybrid dual sim, 6/8gb for uninterrupted multitasking and many other features.

Unlike POCO F1, POCO X2 is designed emphasizing the build quality, look of the phone and camera. But as POCO X2 is been introduced POCO F1 is about to vanish from the market. If you scroll Flipkart or Amazon then you are likely to see that the price range of POCO F1 is almost similar to PCOOC X2 and also it is considered that POCO X2 is not best deal as compared to POCO F1. IF you are looking for a phone with the performance then the old warrior (POCO F1) is the best option.
Even though POCO F1 is not about to get sold in the market still POCO General Manager C Manmohan has mentioned that the people who use this phone will be provided with support from the company. 

The POCO X2 which is launched does have Snapdragon 730G gaming chipset, which doesn’t stand in competition with Snapdragon 845. Also, POCO F1 has a 4000mAH battery which is considered big as per the modern standards and also supports fast charging for 18 W.
Overall, if you are about to replace POCO F1 with POCO X2 then do consider some fo the things and choose the best as we recommend not choosing POCO F1 over POCO X2.
Why choose POCO X2 when POCO F1 is a smart deal? Why choose POCO X2 when POCO F1 is a smart deal? Reviewed by Ninja Tech on March 19, 2020 Rating: 5

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