With This Device, You Can Have A Swim Coach at The Back of Your Head

Fitness wearables have been enjoying a lot of popularity since quite some time now, but most of the popular gadgets seem to stay restricted to running and cycling enthusiasts only. While Apple, Samsung and Fitbit have launched smartwatches with swim-friendly features, there has not been much innovation in devices with a view to launch features exclusively for swimmers. Canadian company TritonWear is here to change the face of this sector with its swimming wearables geared largely towards monitoring and improving your performance in the pool. Since 2015, it is available in over 35 countries and is mainly targeting competitive swimmers. This startup aims to make the device more mainstream so that even the non-professional swimming enthusiasts can wear it.

Small and handy to wear, the main component of this device is the size of a cigarette box. You can either clip it to your goggles, or tuck it under your swimming cap. This way it will function seamlessly without impacting your movement. The machine will analyse your movement based on the way your head is moving, which is a far more accurate way of analysing performance than a smartwatch on the wrist. With this deice you will get detailed analysis of your push-offs, turns, breathing events, dolphin kicks underwater and more such details, which will be sent to a secondary, poolside unit called the Triton Connect, which is connected to the coach’s tablet via Bluetooth. Here your performance can be analysed through charts and graphs, making it easier to understand than a bunch of numbers.

With this device, your coach will be able to see whether you are keeping pace or dropping off or if your stroke technique is getting worse with fatigue. Thus, it makes it possible for your coach to be virtually present with you in the pool during the event. The best part is, this device can display data for up to 50 swimmers at once, so even if your coach trains multiple people, nobody’s performance will go unnoticed. The device will also recommend training programmes to reduce the swimmers’ risk of injury by improving their form and stamina. According to the creators, the main goal of this device is to minimise the unproductive time that coaches spend to get data from the pool and help them utilise that time for doing the real coaching, by making the data available in an easy manner.

With a mission to improve accuracy in data delivery and increasing their global footprint, TritonWear is surely set to change the face of competitive swimming in the near future. 

With This Device, You Can Have A Swim Coach at The Back of Your Head With This Device, You Can Have A Swim Coach at The Back of Your Head Reviewed by Ninja Tech on February 25, 2020 Rating: 5

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