Does the Sonos Speaker Hold Its Own Against Big Brands?

Let me tell you this at the very onset: if there is one reason you should choose the Sonos speakers over the ones from Amazon, Google or Apple, it is that these are more flexible. Meaning they can produce more audio products than the ones mentioned before, and this lets you build a customisable home audio ecosystem. The secret behind its flexibility is a small Sonos-connected amplifier that can drive any standard speakers, which makes sure this budget product gives you your money’s worth.
In all honesty, this Connect:Amp could be have been better powered than 55 watts per channel, given it has so many uses.

The body is a sleek, minimalistic black square that goes well against any kind of décor. The design makes it easier to stack it up. It comes with the standard interface of touchscreen buttons and an LED display. The speaker is easy to connect with wires, making it an absolute pleasure to use. The amp works well with all kinds of systems to produce great sound quality. As long as you do not run the speakers on extremely high volume, the sound quality remains smooth. However, the company is working on undeterred sound even at high volume levels.

The adjustment requires a little time and effort, but the results are totally worth it. This means that once connected, you will end up using the speakers a lot more than you would otherwise.
One thing that the Amp seems to lack majorly is a built-in microphone for a voice assistant. While it may come in quite handy, if you are the kind who leaves it tucked away in a corner and just listen to music after setting it up manually, you are not going to miss this anyway. Even Alexa deserves a break.

Sonos had found out from its research that a vast majority of its users were connecting the speakers to the TV, so this new model has been designed to connect effectively with the TV and provide a rich and entertaining experience for the entire family. All the dialogues sounded clear and well-placed using two Monitor Audio towers in stereo. The only thing one is left asking for is the ability to set different EQ settings for music and TV.

Summing up, these are a powerful audio ecosystem which turn out a solid performance after a bit of adjustment. If you are willing to adjust the EQ for different devices and do not intend to play it on full volume, I would say go for it.
Does the Sonos Speaker Hold Its Own Against Big Brands? Does the Sonos Speaker Hold Its Own Against Big Brands? Reviewed by Ninja Tech on November 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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