Google’s CEO receives a tough grilling

Google’s CEO was recently testified by the US judiciary. Most of the people in America believe that whenever they search for anything on Google, it does not show relevant results. It just shows the results which are more profitable to the company. It has also been seen that Google always favored its own products in the search results.
Search results of Google
The committee spent more than 3 hours to question Google’s CEO about various data collections and other political influences. According to the CEO, Google is misunderstood. Its employees cannot influence any type of search results. CEO assured that Google will definitely improve. Sundar Pichai said that search results are totally based on the algorithms. The company just intervenes in the results to make them more appropriate.
Search Engine in China
Pichai also said that there are no plans to launch any search engine in China. Also, many people asked about transparency in data collection. Pichai also had to face many questions about the biasness and he had no convincing answer to give.
He also said that now Google does not use data from Gmail for advertisements and promotion of products. However, the CEO also said that Google has been exploring a product to be launched in China but there is no plan to release it right now. Pichai also promised that he would inform the lawmakers if Google changes the plan.
YouTube Content Moderation Videos
The lawmakers also asked questions about conspiracy videos that plague YouTube. The content moderation problems of YouTube also led the company into various scandals. Sundar Pichai said that they have still not found any solution to YouTube’s content moderation problem.
These were some major topics that were discussed with the CEO of the company in the interview.

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