India-Russia joint for tech development

The Department of Science and Technology recently launched a program that connects Indian and Russian technology and science start-ups and organizations for a joint R&D. This program will include two cycles annually. Around five projects will be developed in each cycle of this program.
The projects will focus on every area such as renewable energy, alternative technologies, biotechnologies, robotics, etc.
This program will strengthen the ties and bonds between the two countries. On the Indian side, this program will be funded by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
The department of science and technology will invest around Rs 15 crores into Indian start-ups and science and technology organizations.
Apart from financial support, the teams of this program will also be supported by mentors and business development. We all know that India has one of the largest start-ups in the world. It is the next step towards the commercialization between both the countries. The projects that will get selected will bear partial funding as well as funding from alternate sources.
New solutions will come up when both the teams will work together. Both countries have great potential and startup ecosystems. The collaboration and launch of this program will surely lead to development in both countries.
This program will accept applications from two categories. These are Joint Partnership Projects and Technology Adaptation Projects. The last date to apply for this program for the first round is September 30, 2020. There is a special portal developed for this purpose. The link for this portal is
We hope that this program achieves great success. The projects that are being developed in this program will surely lead to the betterment of humans and their surroundings. This is a great initiative by the governments of both countries towards scientific research.
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