Is the iQOS Indeed A Blessing for Smokers?

A friend of mine once said, “Commitment is one thing smokers do not lack”. Indeed, most smokers realise this after having given up decades of their life and a substantial bit of their respiratory health to this habit. More often than not, by the time they realise this, too much damage has already been done. But what do you do if you are a smoker and are desperately trying to quit the habit? No amount of nicotine patches or gross pictures of tar-coated lungs seem to do the trick. In this case, the only trick in the book that remains to be applied is the iQOS e-cigarette. This contains nicotine but without the paper and tar, so it does not settle down in the lungs.

The first impression of this device is that the amount of nicotine is surprisingly high. This helps the smoker stay satisfied for a good couple of hours. At this point, we must mention that even this form of smoking device contains tobacco and it may get addictive. However, it helps reduce cravings for chain smokers and is thus a healthier switch any day. It leaves no stink, no bitterness or irritation in the mouth and does not cause the smoker’s morning cough unlike normal cigarettes. The smokers eventually end up returning to normal cigarettes to seek the same satisfaction.

In fact, smokers who have converted to iQOS love it so much that when they tried a conventional cigarette again, they absolutely hated the bitterness in the mouth and the stinking fingers. The brand seems to have really gotten the pulse of the customers right.

While all this may seem perfect, the iQOS comes with a few flaws as well. The first is its high price point, which makes it unaffordable for people with lower incomes who are trying to kick the habit of smoking. The heating element tends to get blunt very quickly and squeezes the tobacco instead of cutting through it. It needs immediate replacement, and this is not a cheap affair. The other downside of this product surfaces if you live in a humid climate. The tobacco and tar harden up and have to be cleaned with an iron stick out of the device, which is way messier compared to the brush with which you can clean it out in drier climates.

Summing up, if you are committed to the resolution of quitting cigarettes as and can afford the price and maintenance, this is a great investment for your health and will help you cut back on smoking completely in the future. All that remains to achieve the goal is your willpower.

Is the iQOS Indeed A Blessing for Smokers? Is the iQOS Indeed A Blessing for Smokers? Reviewed by Ninja Tech on July 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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