Did You Know That These Industries Too Depend On AI?

If the very mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes you picture logistics and software companies, you are not the only one. The truth is, many more industries are poised to take advantage of AI to better their operations. The market value of AI-driven technology is set to hit $90 billion by 2025. Given these numbers, it is indeed no surprise that AI is set to disrupt many more industries. Although nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of the expansion of AI to marketing and healthcare, did you know that these industries too have been taken by the AI storm?
Beauty and skincare: In this industry, personalisation with a focus on environmental sustainability seems to be the norm. AI helps companies deliver on both these fronts. For personalisation, many companies are coming up with apps on which customers can feed their skin type and concern and get product recommendations. They even get entire skincare routines customised for them based on all their needs and goals. There are also many makeup apps available where you can click a picture of yourself and upload it along with your skin type, and the app will suggest the perfect foundation in the perfect shade for you. Some apps are even working on a feature that lets you try out a foundation virtually before actually buying it.
On the sustainability front, brands are increasing their reliance on AI to manage their logistics and supply chains. They can partner with local agricultural communities to develop a sustainable product model using AI.
Mining: The mining industry is switching up its practices to include more efficient methods with the use of AI. Mining is no longer just about pickaxes and dark caves. AI has enabled this industry to use safer practices including a combination of energy, workers, capital and mineral prices to maintain profitability and sustainability, AI also helps miners to predict changes in price and manage their operations accordingly so that they can have a solid market standing. AI can also show new locations that have not yet been explored and help exploit those with minimum environmental consequences.
Customer service: The human touch never goes out of fashion. Even in the age of chatbots, people like to talk to a real customer care representative for their problems. The only catch is, they may have to hold for long hours or dial different extensions before the call gets connected to the right person. With more personalisation coming into chatbots with the help of AI, it is easier to deal with a vast number of queries through chats and messages in a short time, not to mention the vast amounts of cost this helps companies to cut.
With more and more industries joining the AI bandwagon, it is only a matter of time before it becomes the norm of the day.

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