Technology Is in A Giving Mood… Here’s How

When you were coming up with reasons to appease your guilty conscience about your latest (and very expensive) phone purchase, you probably listed down a number of reasons why the phone is going to make your life easier. Did you add this fact to your list: it is going to make others’ life easier as well? This is absolutely true.
Technology has made it possible for people to connect instantly with people and organisations all over the world. This has not only helped people to connect to charitable causes, but also to keep track of where their hard-earnt money is going. It has also made possible for initiatives to reach out to philanthropists far and wide. A few examples of how digitization has changed philanthropy are:
More donors: Earlier, people used to consider charity as something they could engage in only after they have built a long and successful career. Thanks to various electronic payment options, it has become possible for everyone to contribute, even if it is a small amount. Thus, the donor demographic now includes a young crowd as well.
More options for anonymity: Many people prefer to remain anonymous while making donations. Before phone payment came into play, donations were received in public events or through cheques, both of which made it impossible to keep donor anonymity. Now such philanthropists are more forthcoming because they can associate with a cause of their choice without much public attention.
Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding was the breakthrough in the context of charity using technology. ArtistShare started in 2003, allowing global netizens to support artists of their choice, even if the sum of money was small. It also helped put these artists on a platform, where they could get the attention of various NGOs, which was a significant help considering they previously had no access to big donors. These platforms also help donors to gain more knowledge about the cause they are interested in. Once a cause seems legitimate, they are naturally inclined to donate more.
Timely help: Digital payments for charity have made it possible for help to reach exactly at the place where it is needed, exactly at the time it is needed. Earlier, help used to reach natural calamity-struck places after days. With the help of instant payments through smartphones, people can now reach out immediately in case of disasters, even if they are on the go.
More accountability: Nowadays charitable organisations are supposed to give out complete information about their projects on their website as well as social media handles, so that donors know exactly how their money is being used. These organisations also send out regular email updates to their patrons. In case any mishandling of money is suspected, patrons can always voice their concern on the charity’s social media. These factors together have ensured that donors are assured that their money is being put to good use, and has encouraged many people who were earlier sceptical, to come forward.
So the next time you pull out your latest smartphone to buy something, maybe use it to make a small contribution to a cause of your choice, now that it is that much easier.

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