Is the Samsung Galaxy Bud the Best Pair of Wireless Earbuds Right Now?

The Samsung Galaxy buds were launched following Apple’s launch of the Airpods and have been bundled with pre-ordered models of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus Following their launch in February. Now that the promotional offer is over and people have used it for quite some time, and the buds are also available as a standalone piece, how have they actually fared? Time to find out.
On the basis of the first look, it seems like a new and improved version of its predecessor, the IconX that was launched a couple of years ago. The pill-shaped charging case, interchangeable wingtips, and small plectrum-shaped touchpad on each earbud to control playback and summon your AI assistant, remains the same.
The first improvement that is truly impressive about the buds are its battery life. While Samsung claims a six-hour music playback in between charges, we have found out that the battery life can extend to even more. Another improvement over the IconX is that the case of the Galaxy Buds supports wireless charging, saving you the mess of another tangled cable. If your phone is the latest Samsung Galaxy S or a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, there is an added perk for you. You can charge your earbuds from the back of the smartphone. This can be a total lifesaver on those long days out when you forgot your charger. The Galaxy Buds are compatible with any smartphone running Android 5.0 or newer as well as recent iPhone models.
The compatibility of the Galaxy buds with an Apple device is functional and nothing to write songs about. Android smartphone users will have access to the Samsung Wearables app, which can be used to customise some gestures – like a long-press on the earbud touchpad. These features which are available exclusively on Android platforms, make the Galaxy buds a better fit for Android devices. The wearables app is also the only way you can update the earbuds, so it makes all them more sense to pair it with Android devices.
Coming to the performance, the sound quality of the Galaxy buds is pretty standard. The earbuds fit well and there are enough wingtips and different size earbuds included in the box to make sure you get your perfect match.
Overall, if you are looking for sturdy earbuds with a great battery life with no fixation for noise cancellation, and if you are an Android user, the Samsung Galaxy earbuds are a good pick for you.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Bud the Best Pair of Wireless Earbuds Right Now? Is the Samsung Galaxy Bud the Best Pair of Wireless Earbuds Right Now? Reviewed by Ninja Tech on June 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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