Make the Most of Your Fancy New Sony Camera

Sony cameras are every photographer’s delight. Over the years, this pioneering brand has continuously innovated and experimented with camera features and lenses to produce nothing but the best quality in photographs. It has thus managed to retain its position as one of the leading contenders in the market. A Sony camera does not come for cheap, for sure. But all its features and the impeccably sharp picture quality are sure to give you your money’s worth. In fact, some Sony cameras come with so many features that first-time users may not often know how to utilise everything and get the best bang for their buck. This article contains a list of tips and tricks for all of you. Read on so that you can make the best use of your precious Sony camera:
Use Back Button AF: This feature is quite common across today’s cameras, and it allows you to focus independently of the shutter-release button. If you end up taking accidental shots when you did not mean to, or when they were out of focus, this feature helps as it lets you separate the shutter-release and focus controls. Unlike some cameras which have a limited number of focus points, Sony cameras allow you to focus on your subject in the middle of the frame and then recompose the shots, which is very helpful for composition.
Keep more batteries in stock: One of the biggest problems with most mirrorless Sony cameras is that the battery life is very poor compared to standard SLRs as these mirrorless cameras exclusively depend upon live view to display displaying the lens’ perspective on the rear screen. To deal with this, the only solution is to keep more batteries in stock from the very beginning as the battery may die out on you at the most important moment. Thus, it makes sense to always stay prepared with a couple of extra batteries. The good news is, if your Sony camera happens to be mirrorless, it can be powered by portable USB batteries. All you have to do is select the USB power mode.
Customise your controls: One of the most unique features of Sony cameras is that there are multiple Custom buttons which you can use to make the camera function as per your own individual style of shooting. There are 3 to 5 custom buttons in any Sony camera and they let you play around with the settings. This allows you a lot of convenience and flexibility. The Fn button also provides quick access to commonly used settings, and the options within this can also be changed to taste.
Turn off all beeps: if you are shooting in a quiet forest or somewhere in a functioning office space, this feature is not just helpful bit very necessary as the constant beeps every time you try to focus your shot can be very distracting.
You can also switch to silent shooting. While not absolutely exclusive to Sony cameras, unlike other DSLRs where the sound of both the mirror and the shutter could be heard separately, Sony really makes sure the silent option makes the camera completely quiet. This is great for candid photography in events or in wildlife photography where the sound of the shutter can scare the animals.
These were some of the best ways you could make the most out of your prized Sony camera. We hope you find this list useful and try all this to take your photography to a whole new level.

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