Be on top of your health with these gadgets

We have all heard the stories of how technology impacts our health. How smartphones and laptops impact our nervous system and how constantly staring into a screen that emits blue light is bad for our eyes. While all of it is true, do you know that technology has also impacted our health positively? With the help of multiple high-tech gadgets that can be used at home, it is possible to monitor our daily activities to collect data that can tell us a lot about our health. Some devices even make it possible to take some minor tests for which earlier you would have had to take some time out of your busy schedule and wait go to a hospital. With the help of these devices, it is exponentially easier nowadays to be aware about our health conditions. Let us take a look at some of these must-have devices: 
  1. Medical Alert System: Also known as a mobile personal emergency response system, this device can be worn in the form of a pendant or a belt clip. It comes with an easy-to-press button which you can use in case of an emergency to send a call to an emergency response centre and connect to a trained response associate, who in turn, can contact a friend or a family member. Some brands which have quality medical alert devices are Philips and Lifecomm.
  2. Philips SmartSleep wearable sleep enhancement system: You know how important getting a sound sleep is. And we know you can’t always manage to get the 8 complete hours of rest. It can take a serious toll on your health. Philips is here to help with exactly that. This comfortable headband monitors the quality of your sleep and emits two different kinds of tones which have been shown to improve your sleep quality, thus ensuring that even if you cannot get all the hours in, you can at least get some good quality rest.
  3. Nokia BPM+: This wireless BP monitoring machine is not just an absolute necessity for households, but also a delightful addition, given its smart and sophisticated design. Super minimalistic in appearance, this machine ranks high on functionality. All you have to do is slip on the cuff and turn on the wireless blood pressure monitor. You have to keep the “Health Mate App” downloaded in your phone. The machine will sync with this app and give you a chart of your BP readings. It comes with a 2-year warranty which assures you of dependable performance for a long time.
  4. Omron Avail drug-free pain relief: Chronic pain affects almost everyone these days. There are thousands of people who are leading a sedentary life these days. Most people work out of offices or at home, with the help of a laptop. With such an inactive lifestyle and barely any time to exercise, pain is inevitable. Taking oral medication for all kinds of pain may cause serious repercussions in the long run. Hence the need for pain relief patches. While the market is flooded with hundreds of these, Omron is the only FDA cleared one. This comes with two soft pads which be attached to various parts of the body, with five pre-programmed pain management modes that let you get relief quickly.
  5. Wireless Smart Glucometer: This glucometer is developed by iHealth Lab Inc and is FDA-approved. The system consists of a kit which includes the glucometer, 10 lancets, a lancing device, and 10 testing strips. The information from the glucometer will be displayed in your smartphone, because this machine is synced to your phone with Bluetooth. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a vast user base.
These were some of the must-have health devices you should have at home and for a change, let technology keep you healthy!

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