Top 5 things that you need to know of the Tech world

Amazon recently reported a profit of 40 % in sales growth of the company
Shares of Amazon rose by 5 percent. It is the world’s largest retailer. The company said that its profit jumped by 40 percent from a year earlier. The sales are driven by strong COVID-19 related demand. Net profit has doubled from a year ago.
Amazon has gained a lot of benefits from the COVID-19 pandemic. People are more interested in shopping online. The increased demand for goods through online shopping has also helped to boost Amazon’s international sales.

The short-form app for videos - Triller is suing TikTok for patent infringement
Triller has claimed that it patented the format of the video in the year 2017. It has now  been made famous by TikTok. The complaint was filed on Wednesday in the US court.

Huawei beats other mobile companies in global smartphone shipments
For the first time, Huawei beats Samsung in global smartphone shipments. It is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer company. It has shipped more smartphones in the whole world than any other company. This has been seen for the first time in nine years. Huawei shipped around 55.8 million units. This company now sells around 70 percent of its smartphones in China.

Apple said it expects the supply of its next iPhone delayed by a few weeks
The launch of the 5G iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks. The company supply chain has to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple’s next iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone 12. It will come in a fresh design and new screen size.

Facebook has shrugged off the pandemic to announce the revenue growth of the second quarter of 2020
The company beats Wall Street’s expectations. The business of the company is growing continuously. It now attracts more people than before. Facebook has around 3 billion monthly users.

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