Dell G5 SE

The Dell G5 SE was one of the first few laptops to adopt the latest generation of AMD Ryzen processors paired with AMD’s Radeon GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). This unit is Dell’s latest budget gaming laptop which has come in the form of a refreshed G5 series with an all AMD configuration that offers great value for the buck for the level of performance that it offers.

Choosing the Team Red components helps Dell keep the cost of the laptop down. Starting around USD 850, the laptop has an all-round powerful punch if you’re looking for a high-performance gaming laptop. Thanks to the AMD Ryzen 7 processor that comes with more cores and threads than the Intel processor of the same grade, it is able to handle multiple tasks at once without a hiccup.

Not that you can’t get good visuals at this price, but the cost has to be set off in one or the other areas, and this is exactly what the G5 SE display tells you. The company decided to cut cost in this department and the display doesn’t have a lot going. The graphics, however, are fluid thanks to the 144 Hz display.

The laptop gets pretty hot when under strain which makes the underbody and the keyboard noticeably toasty. So you might want to place it on a table or a cooling pad when you’re gaming. The laptop design feels plasticky. The plastic chassis feels flimsy even though the laptop is heavy and you might not want to drop this one.

Its battery, on the other hand, is fantastic for gaming laptops. While the other laptops are barely able to play a full video, this one can play videos or be used generally for everyday work, this laptop can go on for several hours for video playback

Dell G5 SE Dell G5 SE Reviewed by Ninja Tech on July 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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