Weekly Tech Roundup

     Microsoft partners with iCIMS
Microsoft announced its partnership with iCIMS, a cloud recruiting platform provider to bring users comprehensive talent acquisition solutions, Dynamics 365 Human Resources. This partnership builds further on the current partnership between LinkedIn Talent Solutions and iCIMS. The integration which is based on API between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources and iCIMS will facilitate bi-directional and secure data exchanges between both the platforms

     Ceridian acquires Excelity Global
Asia based HCM service provider Excelity Global has been acquired by Ceridian. The entire transaction is expected to be closed by the second quarter of 2020 announced Ceridian

     Facebook revamps Messenger on iOS
Facebook has revamped its messaging platform, Messenger for iPhone users, giving it a new look. Its a complete overhaul and the application is much lighter and faster.

     Twitter and WhatsApp are in the firing line
The 2 big players of the social media industry, Twitter and Whatsapp are in the firing line as Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has submitted its first draft of the GDPR decisions. This was done in light of suspecting the companies flouting the European Privacy Laws. If found guilty, the companies could receive big fines and other sanctions

     Google won’t be fully remote
Companies like Twitter and Facebook have announced big policy updates that allow their employees to work remotely, however, unlike some tech giants, Alphabet-Google CEO Sundar Pichai isn’t committing to any major changes to its work priorities. This comes as a surprise after Mark Zukerberg announced that it will allow some of its employees to work from home permanently

Apple is helping get over distance learning hurdles
Tech giants are now developing remote-learning tools and Apple has launched a remote learning learning resource. Apple will launch a remote learning resource website and have created a new series of education videos. The new coaching sessions introduced are to gove educators like parents important tips about teaching. Apple will soon launch Schoolwork 2.0 for iPads, which will help teachers information and assignments over the cloud
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