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In this dose of Tech News, we’ll take you through some of the most important news of the week.

     Eric Schmidt has Legt Google after 19 years of service
Eric Schmidt was the person behind the transformation of Google to a tech giant from a Silicon Valley startup. Schmidt, who was the CEO of Google in 2001, was brought in the company as an adult supervisor to the 2 co-founders of the company. He exited the company as a technical advisor at Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

     Twitter to warn users against misleading information about the pandemic
In a bid to control the spread of negative news via the miscreants, Twitter is planning to start warning its users about the misleading coronavirus information. This will be done by adding warning messages and labels to the tweets that contain disputed or misleading information

     Round 4: Another round of console war
Microsoft learned from the mistakes that it made in the past and has finally launched the Xbox Series X. the Xbox One fell flat on its face with Microsoft managing to sell 50 million units compared to more than 106 million sold by Sony for their PlayStation 4. There were 3 points where the Xbox One fell flat: licensing, pricing, and Kinect. With the launch of Xbox Series X, Microsoft also announced a few more features that outpace Sony’s current offering. Xbox Game Pass, xCloud (which already surpassed the industry-changing cloud service that Google Stadia was going to be, but didn’t), and Games 9better games since Microsoft bought as many as six gaming studios in 2018

New iPhone SE 2 marks the end of the small phone era for Apple
Apple has finally said goodbye to the smaller screen phones with the launch of the iPhone SE 2 which resonated with the last iconic design launched by Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5S. With roughly 20% larger than the original, looks that of an iPhone 8, and the features of iPhone 11, Apple has signalled that they will no longer build the iconic 4-inch phone, bidding adieu to the tiny iPhone.
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