This Is How Drones Are All Set to Change Our World

What you may have seen as part of school and college science projects has taken the world by storm. Yes, I am talking about drones. They are being used in every sector imaginable, right from archaeology to agriculture to environmental projects. In fact, this industry is growing so fast that it seems almost every week there is a new use being discovered for drones.  Actually, a lot of these sectors were initially employing airplanes and helicopters for the same, but the costs were turning out huge. Drones can be operated much faster, at much lower cost. Their biggest advantage is that they can be controlled remotely, eliminating the need to put people in potentially risky situations like war and rescue missions.
Let us take a look at some of the most common uses of drones:

Search and rescue: This is easily one of the most crucial uses of drones. They are used by all departments dealing in high-risk situations like Fire Departments, Lifeguards, Mountain Rescue, First Responders. Drone scan construct an initial assessment of the situation quickly and effectively, and help can be sent accordingly. They can be used to drop lifebuoys to swimmers who may be in trouble, find hikers in trouble, find out missing persons and even locate people in burning buildings. Disaster-struck areas can benefit from the ability of drones to give a complete picture of the extent of damage. The best part is, these drones don’t come very expensive.

Fire Fighting: Drones are immensely helpful for controlling and extinguishing major fires. Firefighters use them to evaluate the situation at hand, with respect to the extent and heat of the fire, whether it is spreading to other buildings, if there are people trapped inside, and even after the fire is put out, to evaluate the damage. This information is crucial in planning how much resource is needed at the situation. In case of forest fires, drones can help survey large areas of the forest to understand the nature of the fire and how to navigate it. Without drones, these would not have been possible.
The most thrilling part is, there are studies being done to enable drones to actually put out fire. This will be a much safer and cost-efficient alternative to real people risking their lives in order to put out fires.

Professional Film Making: With the advent of drones, you don’t need to spend a lot of money renting out a helicopter to get aerial shots of beautiful locations. There are drones designed specifically for filmmaking, equipped with 4k cameras and perfect flight stability to give you professional results. Drones like DJI, Yuneec and Walke have made it possible for low-budget movies to have footage of stunning quality. This has greatly improved the face of the entertainment industry, where a lot of good work would never see the light of the day owing to dearth of funds.

With drones finding use in many other industries like medical deliveries, agriculture and real construction, we are excited to find out how close they can get to transforming the world for the better.

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