Keep Your House Spotless Clean with the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

There is something about Visible vacuum lines on a carpet that give off the vibe of a clean house. Whether you are a neat freak or just doing enough to maintain your health and hygiene, a vacuum cleaner is great for you. It will have all your surfaces cleaned in no time and with minimal effort. If you have asthma or dust allergy, a vacuum cleaner will be the best option as it will take away every last bit of dirt without blowing a single speck in the air, thus saving you a bad bout of wheezing. If you are wondering what kind of vacuum cleaner will be suitable for your house, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the types of vacuum cleaners, and which kind might be the best option for you.
  1. Upright Vacuums: They are usually budget friendly and cover a bigger area. They are geared mostly towards cleaning carpets, and are easy to store given their design. However, they weigh around 20 pounds so moving it around the house may be a problem for some. They also tend to be noisier than the other kids. If you don’t mind your cleaning session giving you an extra workout and can put up with the noise for a bit, upright vacuums are a great pick, especially if your apartment is small. 
  2. Canister Vacuums: These are more suited for cleaning bare floors, stairs, and under furniture. The attachments provided are meant for cleaning drapes and upholstery. As such, they are quite versatile. They are quieter and lighter than upright models. So, if you have many bare surfaces that need cleaning, and don’t mind shelling out a bit extra, we would recommend you to pick canister vacuums over upright ones any day as you will be doing yourself a favour with the light weight and quiet.
  3. Stick Vacuums: Most stick vacuums are battery powered, which is convenient if you want to clean areas where there are no plug points nearby. They are quite lightweight and easy to use. The only catch is, they are not as good at cleaning carpets as canister or upright ones. They are mainly suited for picking up surface litter. If you have just started living alone in a simple apartment or are on a budget, this is the right choice for you
  4. Robotic Vacuums: These devices are meant for ultimate convenience. Sit back and command, and let the robot do the cleaning. They are even programmed to touch up between regular, manual vacuuming sessions. They can get into small areas and navigate around extension cords. You can even con troll them with apps on your phone. The only downside to this dream cleaning machine is that they are nearly not as good at cleaning carpets as upright or canister ones. If you do not have much of fancy upholstery at your place or are too busy to vacuum for hours, this is just about perfect.
  5. Central Vacuums: You can only carry around the hose and powerhead. This makes these vacuums easier than canisters. They function quietly and have bigger dirt chambers meaning you do not have to empty them up every time you vacuum. If you are willing to shell out the price and the installation fee, it will be an investment for the kind of quality. If you are not on a budget or space crunch, this is perfect for you.
These were our favourite kinds of vacuum cleaners that we would pick from. Go through the list to identify your needs and pick one as per your budget. We promise you that your weekend cleaning chores will turn into a breeze!

Keep Your House Spotless Clean with the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner Keep Your House Spotless Clean with the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner Reviewed by Ninja Tech on June 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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