Keep Your Chill This Summer with The Perfect Air Conditioner

With the rising global temperatures, air conditioners have gone from being a luxury to a necessity for making it through the summer. Form the health perspective, heat has serious consequences on our health. So, air conditioners have transcended from offices and hospitals to every household. However, there are different kinds of air conditioners available in the market for different purposes such as household uses or commercial purposes. They differ based on price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. How do you decide which air conditioner to pick for yourself? Read through this list to find out:
Size of the room: The cooling capacity of your preferred air conditioner should be based on how big your room is. If the AC is too small for the room, it will use up more energy to cool the entire room and thus result in higher electricity bills. On the other hand, if it is too heavy-duty compared to the room, it will not be able to provide proper dehumidification.
Noise: It is very important to find out how much noise the AC will make while functioning. If you are buying it for home, clearly a noisy AC will hamper your sleep. Even in offices, schools and colleges, a noisy air conditioner is a disturbance in work and a constant irritation. Ideally, the noise levels should be within 50dB.
Energy efficiency: All ACs are rated on the basis of how much energy they consume. The lesser energy they consume, higher the stars. While choosing an AC for yourself, pay utmost attention to these stars as they will tell you how much energy the AC uses, and help you estimate your electricity bills.
Blower size: The next feature you want to check in an AC is the blower fan. The blower is located in the inside portion of your air conditioner and is responsible for blowing the air to the ductwork in your system which then allows for the distribution of the air throughout your home. If you have bigger rooms and need large amounts of air to flow into all direction, an AC with a bigger blower fan will be ideal for you.
Other factors: While choosing an AC, you should pick one that has P2 protected capacitors for the highest level of fire safety, so that you can enjoy the cool temperature and go to sleep being assured of your safety. Check if the filters are easy to clean, and whether the settings allow for swing in the air flow. You can opt for an AC with a sleep mode unction, which reduces cooling automatically after being on for a few ours, thus reducing power usage and saving on your bill.
These are some of the factors you must look into before opting for an air conditioner. We recommend going for an AC from a brand with a good reputation and positive reviews in your peer circle. Read the documents carefully and ask all questions regarding the warranty on the product before buying, and you are all set to be cool for the summer!

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