Buying a new refrigerator? Read this!

Is your dream home all ready and now you are all set to spruce up your kitchen with some cool gadgets to make cooking a breeze? Or has your trusty old refrigerator finally given way after years (or if you are anything like my mom, decades) and the mechanic has declared that is beyond repair? Either way, you must be in the market for a new refrigerator. Technology has made a refrigerator more than just a cold storage place, over the past few years. New age refrigerators for smart kitchens are equipped with water dispensers, cameras that show the contents inside and even screens on the door where you can play your favourite movie while cooking. Even the cooling game has been taken to a whole another level of customisation. If all this technology baffles you, our advice is to carefully evaluate what your needs are, and then shortlist fridges based on what models fit your needs within your budget. Sounds complicated? Actually not. Go through this guide and it will seem a breeze.
Kind of freezer: The most important decision in terms of features of a fridge is the kind of freezer it comes with. Do you have space constraint? Then French-door and four-door versions will be perfect for you, as they help save space with narrow door swings for the upper fridge and, with four-door models, two separate freezer doors below. If elderly people will use the fridge, side by side is not a good idea as it involves a lot of reaching and bending. If you are not so bent upon stylish looks, a top door should be good enough.
Kind of features: Modern refrigerators are available in a bunch of varieties with a plethora of features. Depending on your needs and lifestyle you should pick one that suits you. If you are into making and storing fresh juices, you might want to pick a refrigerator that has adjustable shelves to fit tall bottles. If you like to buy and store the weeks’ worth of vegetables, fruits, fish and other perishables, refrigerators with temperature-controlled drawers will be suitable for you as they offer cooler settings.
Size of fridge: The size of the fridge should be such that it fits in your counter space as well as be easily moved through doors and brought into the kitchen. After all, you won’t have a Rachel and Chandler to scream “Pivot!” at.
External finish:While you may want to go for a colour that perfectly complements your newly done-up kitchen, neutral tones are still a favourite amongst the masses. The basic stainless steel is a huge hit because it goes well with any kind of décor. If you have kids in the household, we recommend you go for the fingerprint-resistant finish.
These were all the basic factors you need to consider before buying a fridge. We recommend you do your research thoroughly and check for reviews online, as a stylish and durable fridge will make sure you get tasty food for years to come!

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