Top 5 Smart Home Devices of 2019

Imagine walking into your home after a long day at work and noticing the inch-thick layer of dust on the carpet. How much do you hate your life because you must start vacuuming now? What if we tell you, that a robotic vacuum cleaner will do the job for you, at the command of your voice?
Welcome to the future of home devices.
After smartphones made your life easier in ways never thought of before, it is the turn of smart homes to take it one step ahead. These devices are usually retrofitted into homes after they have been built and equipped. They are connected to your Wi-Fi and work in sync with your smartphones, so you no longer need to sit in your office and worry about whether the AC was left on in the master bedroom.
While 2019 is all set to be the year of smart home devices, we decided to pick out a few for you:

  • Nest Learning Thermostat

This third-generation device will help you control your thermostat from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop, and adjust to your needs to help save energy and reduce your bills. Expect to save anywhere between 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills, so this investment is quite worth the money. This device works in sync with Alexa, so sit back and let your voice command do the magic.

  • TP-Link Smart Bulb

With the help of this Alexa enabled device, control your lighting at home while you are on the go. Turn the lights on or off or adjust the brightness, all from your tab using the Kasa app. The light settings can be personalised or adjusted as per the natural daylight. Another major perk of this device is its ability to save energy, so you are assured that your investment is not only saving you big bucks but also helping the environment.

  • Amazon Echo

This talking speaker can easily be touted the forerunner of the smart home revolution. Although in the recent years it has been rivalled by quite a few competitors from Samsung, Apple, and Google etc it has still managed to retain its position as the leader. Equipped with a fantastic voice recognition and amazing compatibility with a large number of other devices, this smart speaker does a neat job at everything, right from playing your favourite music to controlling your home appliances.

  • Ring Pro

Amp up the security of your home with this smart video doorbell, which lets you see and speak to anyone without opening the door. Equipped with 1080p and night vision, it ensures unparalleled safety and convenience for you. It works by sending you alerts when someone enters its motion detection zones or pushes the doorbell. You can even subscribe for a small amount to have video footage stored on the cloud, of whoever entered your doorway. Thus, you are assured of the safety of your home whether you are at work or at vacation.

  • Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

A list of smart home devices in incomplete without this great addition to any modern kitchen. This cutting-edge refrigerator has 21.5” touchscreen built into the door, which is basically a tablet that can display everything from your favourite photos to news headlines and family calendars. You can also use it to stream music or mirror your television, so cooking becomes a truly entertaining experience. A set of cameras will give you a complete vision of the contents of your fridge and display it on your smartphone, so the next time you are out shopping for grocery, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything from the list. Truly, this spacious and well laid-out fridge ups the cool quotient of your home.

These were some of our top picks from across various categories of smart home devices. Choose the one that is best for you, and redefine your living with great comfort and style!

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